Dr. Gillian R. Evans

Dr. Gillian R. Evans

Recognized as one of England's most prolific writers on medieval theology, Dr. Evans is presently lecturer in history at the University of Cambridge and British Academy Research Reader in Theology. She lectures regularly on medieval political thought, aspects of medieval theology and intellectual history from the ancient world to the Reformation.

She completed her A.B. (Hons.) at St. Anne's College, oxford and received a Diploma in Education from the University of Oxford Institute of Education. In 1974 she received a Ph.D. from the Graduate Centre for Medieval Studies and Department of History of the University of Reading. In 1983 she was honoured by both the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge with a D.Litt.

Dr. Evans is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society; a committee member of Association Internationale des études Patristiques; a member of the Société internationale pour l'étude de la philosophie mediévalé; and a member of the Ecclesiastical History Society in addition to membership in a number of other academic associations.

Among her many commitments outside the university setting, Dr. Evans has been a member of the British Academy Committee for the Auctores Britannici Medii Aevi, the Faith and Order Advisory Group of the Church of England General Synod, a consultant and editor to the Archbishop's Group on the Episcopate; Church of England official observer at the World Methodist Council Oxford Institute of Methodist Studies in 1986 and 1992; consultant to Church Union Theological Committee and a consulting editor to the Dictionary of Biblical Interpretation in English Literature, Encyclopaedia of Medievel, Renaissance and Reformation Christian Thought, Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Medieval, Renaissance and Reformation Thought among others.

Among her recent books can be included Authority in the Church: a Challenge for Anglicans, Problems of Authority in the Reformation Debates, Philosophy and Theology II: The Middle Ages, The Church and the Churches: Toward an Ecumenical Ecclesiology, Communion et reunion: Festschrift for J.M.R. Tillard. Our lecturer has also contributed articles to the Journal of Theological Studies, Midstream, Anglican Theological Review, Augustinian Studies, One in Christ and a host of other journals, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.

Most recently Dr. Evans has been promoting a serious effort to establish ecumenical theology as an academic disipline through a series of initiatives. She has submitted a proposal to Oxford University Press for the establishment of a new journal of ecumenical theology and has set in motion the processes for the inauguration of a society of Ecumenical Studies. With co-editors in the United States, she has set up a world-wide ecumenical biographical project which has resulted in the publication of Encounters for Unity. Among further intitiatives, Dr. Evans has made a proposal to the new Cambridge Centre for Advanced Religious and theological Studies that there be substantial ecumenical elements in its work.